Parachutes is our after school child care; it will run after every school day. It will be available from 3:20pm – 5:45 pm and will be staffed by at least 3 members of staff at all times.

During the after school club, your child will have the opportunity to relax, play, snack, talk and rest after their school day until you or a notified adult comes to collect them.
Our Parachutes staff will respond to their needs daily and provide a range of activities from across the whole school site.  The club will be open to those parents requiring a fixed child care arrangement on a daily basis to those parents who would like an ad-hoc provision, which could be called upon on any one particular day.

How will it be staffed?
There will always be 3 members of staff each night. Mrs Innes will supervise every day as the Playleader. On different days, there will be an additional playworker.
This may be Miss Dack, Miss Diamond, Mrs Adams or Mr Robbins.

How can parents book?
Parents will need to complete a registration form and pay the pre-registration fee per family. Parents will then be able to book using the Tucasi online parent pay system.  Bookings can be made for weeks in advance or on a daily basis with the school office. Online bookings have to be made at least 48 hours in advance.

How much will it cost and how can parents pay?
Parents will need to pay a pre-registration fee for the family of £10 prior to all bookings. The cost until 4 pm will be £4 each day.  If children are staying after 4 pm, the cost will be £8.50, in total,  each day.
We will take payment through our online payment system, Tucasi.  Should you want to use the child care voucher system, you will need to notify us of this using the registration form or at a later date. As this can take some time to set up, we ask that parents work in partnership with the school office.

Will the children receive a snack?
Yes. Children staying for the full session (until 5:45pm) will have a snack. The snack will vary from day to day. This variety will include fruit, cereals, sandwiches, toast, soup and pasta. Medical dietary requirements will be accommodated if notified in advance.

Where will the children play and will there be a timetable each day?
Children will be able to play, supervised, in various parts of the school. Depending on the weather, access to the hall, events in the school, children may well play in the ‘Street’ space of school.  There will not be a set timetable but we do expect that children will have a snack by 4:45pm, play inside and outside games. Children will not have a snack if they are only staying until 4 pm.

How will children go to Parachutes and how will they be collected at the end of the day?
Children will be collected by Parachutes staff at the end of the school day.  Parents will need to collect from the main school office when they wish to collect their child.
Parents will be required to sign out their child.

Will I be charged if I am late?
We will need to charge a penalty for lateness The charge for lateness will be at £20 per 15 minutes after 6:00 pm.

If I do not require the service, may I cancel?
You may cancel on the day or in advance.  We require you to cancel by 11 am on each day.  This is particularly helpful to avoid wastage on food preparation and craft preparation.
Failure to cancel will result in a session being charged.