We offer a Breakfast Club every school day.

When does it start each day?
Breakfast club starts at 7:45 am. Parents may bring their child to school, via the main entrance and sign their child in with the member of staff leading the club.

Where will it happen?
Once inside school, children need to go into the main school hall near to the ‘Kitchen hatch’.

What will your child eat or drink?
Aspens catering will support the preparation of toast and breakfast cereals. Drink served will simply be water or milk. Pupils with particular allergies need to further remind the staff of their needs so as we can accommodate these needs.

What else happens at Breakfast Club?
The children can have food until 8:20 am. Before and after this, there will be a variety of art and craft activities, quiet board games and small scale construction. Children are discouraged from bringing in their own toys.  We feel that this will be a calm time for the children to simply talk to each other as well as and during their play activities.

How will your child get to their class?
We feel it is important that children still get to meet their friends as they arrive at school. We will therefore bring the children out from the hall and bring them to the school playground at approximately 8:40 am to meet their class peers / friends and walk into their class from the outside, like their class peers / friends.

How much will it cost?
It will cost £2.50 per day. We are a cash free school and online payments can be made using our Tucasi online payment system.  Payments can be made in advance or retrospectively through the online account. We reserve the right to refuse access to Breakfast Club should payments not be made by the end of each school term.

How can I book?
You can book into Breakfast Club on a daily basis or by letting us know in advance the days you require.  Booking up in advance will ensure your place is secured. To make a booking you can email the school office at enquiries@haywoodvillageacademy.org.uk, call the school or speak to Mrs Shapiro in the school office.

Are places limited?
Places will be limited to 12 children until we can secure more staff.  Should you wish to use Breakfast Club and a booking has not been made, although we will aim to accommodate your child, for safety reasons we reserve the right to refuse a place on the day.  If sufficient demand arises for breakfast club paces beyond 12, the school will aim to meet the need of the community and extend the places available through staff recruitment.

Can you let us know if you are not going to use a space?
Yes please! Letting us know in advance if you are not going to use a space for your child that you had booked will allow us to offer this space to another child.  You will not be charged, unless we feel cancelations are recurrent without notice.  An email or a voice mail message on the school number will be helpful to reallocate spaces, if either is received by 7:30 am.