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Our school curriculum vision is outlined in our Vision. This vision has been further expanded and explained in our vision documents Part 2 – 7 . For our EYFS Pre-school and Reception children, our EYFS policy will outline the  Early Years Foundation Stage  curriculum we will offer.

If you have questions about our curriculum, please contact us on or  contact Craig Jones on 01934 312720.

British Values Statement
Open the link above to explore how our school addresses British Values in the curriculum and wider life of the Academy.

To support our children’s development of their reading skills, the school has elected to teach phonics using Letters & Sounds . The teaching team draw upon a range of resources to meet the needs of our learners to ensure can begin and further the develop their skills to read words.

Skilled word-reading involves working out the pronunciation of unfamiliar printed words (decoding) and recognising familiar printed words. Underpinning both of these is the understanding that letters represent the sounds in spoken words. Fluent decoding supports pupils’ comprehension, because they do not have to devote mental energy to individual words.  A good grasp of phonics is also important for spelling, contributing to fluency and confidence in writing.

The school has elected to support the teaching of reading using a range of books from well known authors, both fiction and non-fiction.  In addition, a range of text types from the