Principal: Mr Jones
Vice Principal & SENCO: Mrs Dexter
Assistant Principal: Mrs Brice

Ms Shapiro (Operations Manager), Mrs Coghlan (Finance Officer), Mrs Weeks & Mrs Davies (School Administration)

Premises Manager: Mr Nik Telega

Acorn class: Miss Freeman (Class Teacher), Mrs Hancorn  (Learning Partner) & Miss Simmons (Early Years Apprentice)
Apple class: Miss Rossiter Johnson (Class Teacher), Mrs Cross (Early Years Practitioner) & Mrs Flory (Early Years Apprentice)

Ash class: Mrs Giles (Class Teachers, Mrs Rose & Mrs Stafford (Learning Partners)
Beech class: Miss Hall (Class Teacher) & Mrs Andrews (Learning Partner)

Year 1:
Chestnut class: Miss Priddle (Class Teacher) & Mrs Sear (Learning Partner)
Cherry class: Miss King (Class Teacher) Mrs Stainer (Learning Partner)
Mrs Waite is an additional Class Teacher in Year 1, leading learning across both classes.

Year 2:
Elder class: Mrs Brice (Class Teacher) & Mrs Wardle (Learning Partner)
Elm: Mrs Standeven (Class Teacher), Mrs Butler & Mrs Dean (Learning Partners)

Year 3:
Hawthorn class: Mr Fraser (Class Teacher) & Mrs Osment & Mr Lawrence (Learning Partners)
Hornbeam: Mr Allen (Class Teacher) & Mrs Storer (Learning Partner)

Year 4:
Maple class: Mrs Harris & Mrs Howe (Class Teachers) & Mrs Hester (Learning Partner)

Class Teacher across the school: Miss Billitteri

Family Support: Mrs Yacomeni
Learning Partner leading Thrive across the school: Mrs Innes

School Meals Supervisors: Miss Marks (Playleader), Miss Chappell, Miss Dack, Mrs Eastwood, Mr Robbins,  Miss Sharpe & Mrs Williams. Additional staff from acorss the school support at lunchtimes.

Breakfast Club: Mrs Innes (Playleader), Mrs Koziel, Mr Robbins & Miss Simons
Parachutes After School Childcare: Mrs Innes (Playleader), Mrs Adams, Miss Dack, Mrs Koziel & Mr Robbins